The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1: How to Read, Write, and Understand Music + Digital Bonuses

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Unveiling the "The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1": a revolutionary guide crafted by Dan Spencer, aimed at transforming the way beginners, hobby musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, and composers grasp the fundamentals of music.

5,000+ copies sold!


From: Dan Spencer

Dover, Delaware

My name is Dan Spencer, and I'm part of an underground group of music teachers that you've probably never heard of. 

Yet you've probably seen our books on how to learn music consistently hitting #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon.

Which is kinda crazy, especially considering the fact that we published our first book 1 year ago, and we did it all by working closely with people just like you for years to figure out the best ways to learn! 

I failed my college music theory entrance test after years of working to understand music. I had lost my way and I didn't know why I knew so little after trying so hard.

But I was able to rally and find better ways of understanding music so that anyone can read, write, and understand music! I put these secrets into this book.

And sure enough within a few days of publishing this book it hit #1 New Release on Amazon in multiple categories! 

On top of that a few weeks later it ran all the way to be the #1 Best Seller in its category on Amazon.

Not to be stopped, it hit #1 New Release AGAIN when we published the next edition.

So...What Is In This Book

(And How Can You Use It To Understand Music!?!)

Over the past decade, I have tested the best ways to teach music theory by writing hundreds of book drafts, 3 published editions, and teaching dozens of students the contents of this book.

  • If your goal is to understand your favorite music you will learn the basics of that...
  • ​If you want to learn to read and write music to be able to make your own beats, songs, and compositions you will learn the fundamentals of that...
  • ​If you have always struggled understanding music theory this will be the last Level 1 Beginner book you need to buy.

Shortly after I started Best Music Coach, I wrote the first edition of this book, The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners, as a playbook to show everyone how to quickly understand music theory the same way I teach my own students!

The secrets you will find in these pages have now helped thousands of people around the world read, write, and understand music.

This best-selling book will give you access to all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that we use to teach our students, use in our courses, and use in our YouTube videos which as of 2023 have over 14,000,000 (14 Million) views, so you can read, write, and understand music which will give you the foundation to achieve your dream music goals!

This Book is Being Used By
  • Music students
  • ​Producers and DJs
  • ​Hobby Musicians
  • ​Singers
  • People who love video game music
  • Composers
  • ​Songwriters
  • Worship Leaders+Praise Band Members

And now I want to help you to read, write, and understand music, so you can explode your understanding of music too! 


When You Get This Best-Selling Book Now... Here Are A Few Of The Theory Gems You'll Discover...


Inside of The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1, I will be sharing with you 85+ music theory tips, ticks, shortcuts, ideas, and information to help you use music theory to achieve your dream goals in music. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your copy of this new book: 

Rhythm 1-4: Become a Master of Time

  • How to Read, Write, and Understand Notes: The 3 basic types of notes, and how to think about rhythm using just a few ideas so you can write your first song/composition in less than 15 pages! Maybe your dream music goal is not writing music, this chapter will help you understand all the basics of rhythm, which is the foundation of music!
  • ​Why It is Critical to Understand Strong and Weak Beats: The two most common ways of using rhythm in modern music and how to think about them! You will learn the music culture secret that makes almost all the music you hear sound the way it does!
  • ​How to Use and Understand Silence: Rests are silence, the silence between sound...just as important as sound itself! You will learn to use 3 types of silence to create even more compositions and get deeper understanding of the music you love and care about.
  • ​Advanced Beginner Ideas for Rhythm: At this point you are already getting more advanced with your understanding of rhythm so you can easily understand more complex ideas that a lot of people get wrong all the time...but not you! 

Notes 1-4: Melody Mind Meld

  • ​Read Music in 5 Minutes: Armed with the musical alphabet you will read music in just two pages...what is 5 minutes max?!? Get ready to make music with tips for finding the best cheap and free ways to write music so you can actually hear what it sounds like!
  • ​Advanced Beginner Theory: Get clarity around things you have probably heard before like "octaves", "sharps", and "flats". If you have never heard those words worries...the book is an easy step-by-step tool to "get it" and walk away with real understanding.
  • ​You Have Probably Heard of Scales: So get ready for the 3 most common scales you hear in music every day! Also learn the secret connection between two of the types of scales that a lot of people misunderstand.
  • See Under the Hood with the Inner Workings of Music: Learn the one thing most people skip and see why it messes them up for years...and sometimes for life when they don't know it!

Harmony & Chords 1: "Get It" Easy!

  • ​Skip the Tears: Most people didn't see under the hood, so this next part drives them crazy! ...but not you! Breeze through understanding why certain chords work together and see the magic trick to turn the most common scales into chords that works every time!

Analysis 1: "See The Matrix"

  • ​Have the Power to See Everything: Now you can see how everything works together so well you can dissect your favorite music to see the patterns and meaning that was all hidden to you before.

BONUS: Write Music 1: Unlock Creativity

  • ​​Get the BONUS chapter that escaped the book! Use everything you have learned so far to write music, and know how to match up the two most important parts of any composition or song!


Claim Your Book Now...And Get These Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Video Examples

80+ Video Examples to Bring Your Book to Life 

Total Value: $89.99

After almost 10 years of teaching, I discovered that there is one thing that stops students from understanding music books...hearing the music! 

Every example in the entire book is a full-color video that you can watch to make your book and your music journey come to life!

The video examples I am going to share with you will show you what written music sounds like. which means a deeper understanding and connection to the music!

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners Today! 


Bonus #2: 50 Flash Cards

50 Digital Flash Cards to Make It Easy 

Total Value: $9.99

After publishing the 1st edition of The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1 I knew something was missing to tie it all together...then I figured it out! FLASH CARDS!

Get to know music fast an easy with digital, printable flash cards you can take anywhere! Spend your time making music instead of trying to remember where each note is supposed to go!

Keep your momentum moving and solidify what you know.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners Today! 


Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order 'The Best Music Theory Book' Today!

  • The Best Music Theory Book for Beginners 1        ($29.99 Value)
  • 80+ Video Examples                                                 ($89.99 Value)
  • 50 Flash Cards                                                                 ($9.99 Value)

Total Value: $129.97

Get Your Book And All Bonuses For Only $30 Today!